The Frat Donates to SYFS Mothers in Need

Southern Youth and Family Services has received a huge boost thanks to the donation of hundreds of daily items and essentials, courtesy of The Fraternity Club.

The kind gesture which is an annual event, aims to support disadvantaged mothers’ and those on low incomes across the South Coast.

SYFS Residential Manager Lisa Bolt said many often didn’t have access to some of the basic needs in life, prompting the donation of items such as shampoos, perfume, toothbrushes, deodorant, body wash, coat-hangers and sanitary napkins.

“For many young mothers’ in the Illawarra, life is gripped by homelessness, poverty, domestic violence or just having a tough time,” she said.

“Thank you to everyone for making our young mums feel special through these donations.”

The idea to assist SYFS was orchestrated by The Fraternity’s Vice President Connie Sacco, who issued a heart-felt plea to the club’s members and guests.

“We wanted to help women who have been involved with domestic violence and just finding it hard to buy just the basic essential items women need daily, weekly or monthly,” she said.

SYFS recipient Courtney said: “Thank you so much for the gifts, we really appreciate the community support.”

Hayley, a mother of one, added: “Thanks for the beautiful presents; it’s made my day.”

SYFS recipient Tenayah said: “It is amazing how this community are thinking of us. It has made me feel very special.”

The Frat’s General Manager Greg Field thanked the club’s members for helping “genuine mothers in need”.

Along with vulnerable and disadvantaged youth, SYFS also supports the families of these young people which may include foster parents, grandparents and siblings.

SYFS are extremely grateful for the kind and generous support shown by The Fraternity Club and its members for assisting our mothers in need.