Young Children Raise Money

Young Children Raise Money

In this extraordinary and difficult time of a community wide crisis, it is important to focus on some positive news.

It is so positive to see community members doing many different things to help others. One story in particular warms the heart as it was initiated by children themselves. It has inspired adults and young people in our Service.

Two young children Amber aged 10 years and Ryan aged 13 years and their parents used some of their time in isolation to do a “good deed” for others. The children researched local charities and selected Southern Youth and Family Services (SYFS). They then made cakes and while socially distancing themselves contacted the neighbours to purchase the baked items as a fun raiser.

Amber and Ryan’s parents supported the children to do this and “hats off” to this family for using their time creatively and generously and helping out vulnerable young people. Learning and being generous and kind, energetic and positively participating in the community are some of the ways we will all get through this crisis.

SYFS were very grateful to receive the donation of $102 raised by these two young children.

We have used their donation to buy some new board games for the young people who are staying home and isolating. The young people loved this!!

In difficult times, throughout history, the stories that have remained are those of comradeship, loyalty, strength, compassion and care, and right now many people are contributing in positive ways to how our community manages this crisis. To Ryan and Amber and your Mum and Dad, well done for making one of those stories.

We hope generosity and kindness come back to this lovely family in spades.