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Health and Wellbeing Programs

Community Health for Adolescents In Need (CHAIN) - Gwynneville

Men's Health

Connects young men to their community, to feel more confident in seeking support and to increase their knowledge of common health issues.

When: Planned once a month. Stay tuned for dates and times.


Mind Body and Soul

For young women to build self-esteem, confidence and support networks, whilst assisting them out of the poverty cycle by educating them on healthy behaviours, grooming and cosmetic treatments, exercise and nutritious eating.


Summer at SYFS

Connect with other young people in a range of fun and interactive outdoor physical activities.


When: Planned events during summer. Stay tuned for dates and times.




This is a planned program and will run 1-2 times per year. Stay tuned for dates.




Age group 12 to 24 years.

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