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Resourceful Adolescent Parent Program (RAP-A RAP-P)

Groups for teens and parents.


More Information:

RAP –A is a;

  • universal resilience building program for teenagers aged 11 – 16 years
  • aims to integrate both cognitive-behavioural and interpersonal approaches to improve young people’s coping skills, build resilience and promote positive development
  • can readily be implemented in a school setting or other group situations
  • Consists of 11 sessions of 50 minutes


  • helps parents/carers of teenagers to promote a family environment that assists healthy adolescent development
  • involves 3 parent sessions of between 2 – 3 hours duration.

The program has 3 themes:

  • Parents Are People Too
  • What Makes An Adolescent Tick
  • Promoting Family Harmony

Contact Details:

To express interest in hosting a RAP-A or on attending a RAP-P contact Family Services


Wollongong: 4421 7760


Shellharbour: 4295 8776


Shoalhaven: 4448 2475