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Crisis Youth Refuge Queanbeyan

The Queanbeyan Youth Refuge predominately provides emergency and short-term accommodation and support to young people 16-17 years (younger people may be assessed in special circumstances) at risk of becoming homeless.

The Service aims to provide assistance to young people and their families by:

  • Achieving restoration and/or reconciliation within the family (where appropriate)
  • Locate and move to other supported accommodation or independent living situations
  • Crisis, emergency and short-term accommodation
  • Crisis intervention
  • Family support
  • Living skills, social skills and personal development programs
  • Information, referral, liaison and advocacy with other agencies
  • Mediation, assessment and basic counselling (including financial)
  • Assistance and support in obtaining and maintaining safe, long-term housing.

The Service is flexible and can support young people through a range of service delivery methods including case management, casework and casual on-off assistance.

The Crisis Youth Refuge is funded under the NSW Government's SHS Services provisions.

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